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为什么zynga和facebook会突然宣布双方五年的绑定协议 |爪游控 首页多彩生活娱乐八卦汽车世界科技产业数码新品游戏动漫体坛风云军情解码社会万象健康养生 首页 / 游戏动漫 / 为什么zynga和facebook会突然宣布双方五年的绑定协议 为什么zynga和facebook会突然宣布双方五年的绑定协议 Posted on 2014年2月27日 by eva in 游戏动漫 zynga和facebook的关系是最受欢迎的社交游戏 开发者和全球最大的社交络平台之间的角力关系。在今天突然抹去巨大的分歧,再度携手,而且一绑定还是五年的时间,这中间那些因素取得了相互间的平衡?虽然这两家巨头企业目标并不总是一致的,但是看起来他们暂时离不开彼此。facebook作为交易的一部分,zynga在未来的几个月内就要接受Facebook credits,而这本身是zynga打响反击战的主要依据,毕竟30%的收益提成对于zynga来讲是不可接受的。facebook的发言人称zynga对Facebook credits的妥协是他们谈判的核心。当然肯定还有其他相关的因素,比如未公开的协议部分,可能这部分让zynga觉得接受Facebook credits并不是那么让人难以接受。从表面上看zynga和facebook在接下来的几年里又可以在一起互惠共利了。Facebook看起来向苹果看起来了,同时看齐的是苹果应用商店30%提成模式。对于zynga来讲,贸然离开facebook是个危险的举措,对于facebook压过来的条款,zynga几乎没有选择权。当然,失去zynga,facebook将比现在无趣得多。这一场纷争,看起来无疑是zynga的妥协,在和facebook的角力期间,zynga占不到任何的便宜,除非能够有效地组织起其他的开发者成为一个联盟来对抗facebook单方面的不公平条款。但是很显然,开发者并不是一个有组织的群体,敢和facebook对着干的似乎也只是为数不多的类似zynga这样的公司,换句话说开发者本身的声音就不统一。他们只能在尽量减少损失方面进行少量挣扎。这一次妥协必将进一步挤压开发者的空间,将为整个行业带来更多的负面效应,静待观察。Facebook and Zynga, the social network and its most popular game developer, have settled some of their differences and agreed to work together for the next five years, they announced in a joint press release today. The two companies realized they need each other, even if their objectives are not always part of the deal, Zynga promised to expand its use of Facebook credits to more of its titles “in the coming months.” Facebook will maintain its standard 30 percent revenue cut for Facebook credits on all Zynga games, which was a core negotiating point, a Facebook spokesperson confirmed to GigaOM. But of course there are other, non-disclosed terms of the deal that will keep Zynga on board and happy with the Facebook way of background, though Facebook and Zynga have had a mutually beneficial co-dependent relationship for the last couple years, it’s gotten ugly lately. Facebook wants to push forward with its own standardized currency — Facebook credits — within applications on its platform. It sprung this on app developers at a particularly bad time, just after reducing functionality for them to notify their users, resulting in significant active usage drops. And worse, Facebook is taking a 30 percent cut of all credits, just like Apple does on its iPhone platform, but without justifying such a large share by adding new functionality or marketing beyond what it’s long given away for free. App developers were particularly concerned that Facebook would, as it fully rolls out the credits program, require them to use it exclusively and disallow cheaper options like Zynga, which built its business on the social networking site, freaked out and made a stink about building its own game network and said it may even leave Facebook nga would lose virtually its whole business and its relationships with its users if it left Facebook, so that was hardly an option. What was at stake for Facebook was different. Perhaps the company could have stood to lose the Zynga advertising revenue and user engagement, and it might have been nice to live without Zynga’s particularly aggressive efforts to recruit users and their friends to its games. However, other developers were siding with Zynga because they agreed the credits deal was unfair. If Facebook had cut off its biggest game maker, it would have alienated everyone else, too — even the competitors who stood to gain the most, in the short term, from Zynga’s absence. [爪游控]整理发布. 获取更多相关内容,请添加爪游控公众号:zhuayoukong 文章导航Previous Previous post: 手游和主机游戏研发应互相学习什么?下一条 Next post: 张柏芝、谢霆锋和王菲,怎么都能在一起! 本站CDN由UPYUN又拍云强力驱动. 关于我们 | 加入我们 | 联系我们 | 版权声明 © 爪游控 版权所有. 陕ICP备号-1 Top